Youth Ministry

Unity recognizes that there are many expressions of family life. All are welcome. We create an affirming environment that fosters positive self-image, personal responsibility, and unconditional love and acceptance.

We behold all children as whole and perfect expressions of God. We empower children to fulfill their divine potential. We teach children to meditate and pray. We invite children to experience a loving God.


Sunday Service Children’s Moment – Each Sunday, during our online service, we offer a brief lesson geared toward the children in our community. The lesson is designed to tie into the topic presented by our minister.

Outdoor Activities – We also offer a variety of family friendly outdoor events as the weather permits, including: Park ‘n View Movies, Picnics, Music events, and more.

Outdoor Sunday Classes – When the weather is nice, we hold outdoor Sunday services and the children are able to meet outdoors for their Sunday classes as well.

Spirit Packets – While we are not meeting in person, our Youth Ministry Team is sending Spirit Packets to the children in our congregation. The packets contain stories and activities to encourage age-appropriate spiritual exploration. The activities are designed to engage the children and their parents.

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