Vision-to-Plan Proposed Initiatives for 2019 and Beyond

Top 3 Themes chosen by our congregation:

Spiritual Growth – shifting from focus on spiritual awakening to increasing spiritual maturity at all ages. For example: developing/investing in new teachers, more classes, book studies, study group after the services to talk about the message, teaching the skills of emotional and spiritual intelligence, practice groups, expanding our Youth and Family Ministry to serve teens


  1. Mission Statement – Inspire the practice of divine love in every heart
  2. Spiritual Growth Council – form a team to focus on spiritual education & growth opportunities. This team will meet monthly with Rev. Lauri to plan a variety of activities. The team will recruit teachers, schedule classes and workshops, form study/practice groups, and so on.
    • Incorporate interfaith studies and meditation studies
    • Go beyond Unity by partnering with other Columbia organizations
  3. Spirit Groups – implement year-round small group ministry program. This program will facilitate fun, fellowship, caring and deep learning, through small group studies and community service projects.
  4. Uniteens Class – we will have some children aging into this group in the fall of 2019. Recruit a teacher for this group.
  5. YFM Training – bring in UWM and regional YFM leaders to do workshops with our staff and volunteers.

Inviting and Safe Space – continuing to improve our building and grounds, as well as our policies and practices for creating a physically, mentally and emotionally safe environment for those who come here. For example: replacing the old house that houses Administration and Show Me Dharma with a new wing that meets safety and ADA standards, roof improvements, restoration work to ceilings and walls from past roof leaks, safety improvements


  1. Buildings and Grounds Council – form a team to focus on improving our facilities as well as creating new and innovative ways to use our facilities to support our mission.
  2. New Administration Wing – bring stakeholders together to begin visioning what this wing will include.
  3. Restoration Work – repair damage caused by old roof leaks
  4. Security – install lock on front door that works on a timer. Include system that allows people to be ‘buzzed in’. Install lock on Sanctuary doors to safeguard music/sound equipment.
  5. Nursery Schools – consider a separate entrance for the Nursery Schools.

Visible Presence – continuing to expand the ways we reach out beyond our doors to let people know about our wonderful Unity teachings and our beautiful spiritual center and to invite them to join us. For example: marketing, communications, community service outreach, community oriented events


  1. Communications Intern – hire a student intern to coordinate eNewsletter, bulletins, powerpoint, facebook ads, and to serve on the MarCom Ministry Team.
  2. Advertising – budget money for advertising in local papers, possibly radio and TV

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