Online Service

10:00 am – We are holding our Sunday service via Zoom meeting which is an internet-based video-conferencing system.

After the service, we invite you to stay on the zoom meeting for a time of fellowship.

Joining the Online Service

To participate fully, you will need

  • EITHER a computer with speakers and a high-speed internet connection
    • About 10-15 minutes before the service starts, go to  in your computer’s browser
    • It may take a minute for the software to load if this is your first time using zoom. Once it has loaded, click the icon to Join Audio. 
  • OR a smart phone with the zoom app (download for free from your app store)
    • join the meeting on your phone using meeting id 340 768 991

You can also call in on your regular phone to participate with audio only at 301-715-8592. You will be prompted to enter the meeting id which is: 340 768 991.

Watching the Online Service on YouTube Live

You may also watch the service on YouTube Live. Click here or open youtube and search for UnityofColumbiaMO.

Love Offering

As I’m sure you are aware, our bills do not stop just because we are not meeting in person. 

If you have not already done so, you may want to consider setting up your Love Offering to happen automatically through your online bill pay system at your bank. Or, you can set up a recurring donation with your credit card via our secure processing center at We will also offer the option of donating via your credit card during the service via the chat stream.

Tips for a Better Online Experience

You can help make the online experience with Zoom better for everyone by following these guidelines to enhance internet performance.

  • You can practice ahead of time by joining our Sunday Service meeting at any time between now and Sunday morning. Try it out and make sure everything on your end is working properly.
  • Consider all the devices in your home that are connected to the internet. These include cell phones, iPads, Tablets, computers, TV cable boxes, and many more. Each of these devices uses a share of your internet “bandwidth”.
  • Please turn off or set in airplane mode all devices you are not using for the Zoom meeting during the time of the Sunday service.
  • Consider the device you are using. The faster and more powerful the CPU, the better experience you will have with video conferencing.
    • On the device you are using, each application you open may be connecting to the internet. These may include email, calendars, cloud backups, any browser activity other than Zoom. Please shut down or pause any of these apps.
    • Please note that on your phone, apps stay open and connected even when you switch to another app unless you explicitly close them. On a smart-phone, for example, you can close apps explicitly by double-clicking on the round button at the bottom of your phone and swiping up on each app that is displayed to close it.
  • In order to give us a chance to interact, all microphones, cameras and telephones will be open as you log in. 
    • However, once the service starts, all microphones will be muted and except for the person talking. 
    • You will not be able to unmute yourself during the service unless you are presenting.
    • After the service, we will allow you to unmute yourself so we can have some fellowship time.
  • ‘Chat’ feature. You can also interact with other attendees before or after the service using the ‘Chat’ button. During the service, we post information and prayer requests in the chat stream.
  • Speaker View / Gallery View – you can toggle back and forth between seeing just the main speaker, or seeing everyone’s video. For our social time, you will want to be in Gallery View and for our service time, you will want to switch to Speaker View.

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