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Service on the Unity Board of Trustees

Thank you! We are most grateful for your willingness to consider sharing your gifts as a leader in our spiritual community.

The Call to Serve

Imagine getting a master’s degree with an emphasis in spiritual growth, leadership and team building. Imagine earning this degree experientially, over the course of several years, all the while building a community and helping others. The cost to you is your commitment of time, talent and tithe. Such deep and rich learning and growth is part of what you get from serving on this board.

Board membership is an interesting and challenging position. It allows you to serve as a part of your spiritual journey and to “give back” for what you have gained. This journey includes taking responsibility for the vision of the ministry and being accountable to your colleagues on the board and the congregation. Board service will invite you to stretch and grow.


Per our bylaws:

Article VI – Board of Trustees

Section 11. Nomination and Election.

A. Qualifications. To be eligible to be elected to the Board of Trustees, a person

  • must be an active member of Unity of Columbia for a minimum of 6 months before the annual meeting date.  
  • shall endeavor to live in accord with the Jesus Christ principles of love and truth as taught by Unity 
  • shall work to further the purposes of this ministry through active interest, love, and support
  • shall be a sincere and continuing student of Unity always remaining conversant with its teachings
  • and shall have demonstrated leadership capabilities

Section 3.  Prohibition of Service. The following persons are prohibited from serving on the Board of Trustees: 

  • any active licensed Unity teacher
  • relatives, significant others or household members of any board member or licensed Unity teacher
  • individuals receiving compensation from the ministry with the exception of the senior minister or co-ministers
  • relatives, significant others, or household members of any individual receiving compensation from the ministry

Per Board Policy

  • The Board of Trustees of Unity of Columbia is entrusted with the spiritual, financial and business stewardship of our spiritual center. As such, we have a legal responsibility to protect Unity against even the appearance of impropriety. 
  • Therefore, all person who run for the board must submit to a Criminal Background Check before their appointment can be confirmed.

Active Membership is defined as:

  • Voting Member of Unity of Columbia for at six months prior to the nomination process
  • Regularly attends church services and classes, events, and/or activities
  • Has been a Unity ministry team leader or has served on at least one team consistently
  • Maintains a regular and sustained practice of financial support to Unity of Columbia (e.g. tithes)
  • Has an active prayer practice

Leadership Capabilities include:

  • Effective, compassionate communication (demonstrated in meetings, interpersonally and in larger groups)
  • Success in previously or currently held leadership positions at Unity or in the community at large
  • Ability to participate in strategic planning, leadership retreats, professional seminars and church-wide special events; assist with fundraising; and be responsible for counting offerings

Time Commitment 

Board service involves on average 10-12 hours/month, including:

  • Attendance at all board meetings (1/month) and prep before board meetings – reviewing financials, minutes, reports and emails, and follow up with your action steps. The board meets on the 2nd Thursday, from 6:00p to approximately 8:00p.
  • Board Installation Ceremony (the Sunday following the January board meeting)
  • Board retreat and orientation (once per year – To Be Determined, January/February on a Saturday, 9am – noon)
  • Quarterly Community Meetings (once per quarter, the Sunday following the board meeting in January, April, July and October)
  • Annual business meetings (once per year – the Sunday following the board meeting in November)
  • fundraising, special events, strategic planning, and other activities expected of key leaders including having a presence at Sunday services and church wide events. 
  • Each board member also counts the love offering, turns out lights/locks building one Sunday per month. 
  • Officers have specific duties as well. 

Term of Service

  • Elected trustees hold office for three years. 
  • Service begins on January 1, 202__ through December 31, 202__
  • Trustees elected at the annual membership meeting in November take office in January. 
  • No elected trustee may serve more than two consecutive terms without an interval of one year between terms. 

What are the primary responsibilities accepted by a Board member? 

The greatest responsibility you have as a Board member is to hold the spiritual trust of the membership. You have been elected by the membership to represent them – to hold in trust their spiritual home.

Legal Responsibilities:

  1. As a membership organization: authority is derived from the membership. If powers have not been delegated, they are not the Board’s to exercise. The ministry’s bylaws outline the responsibilities and duties of the Board. The bylaws have been sanctioned by the affirmative vote of the membership.
  2. Personally, there is little risk to you, provided you are acting within the scope of your responsibilities as a Board member. You have the power to act as a group only.
  3. Board members are under obligation to perform their duties in “good faith”, to uphold the best interest of the corporation as a prudent person under similar circumstances and position would do.
  4. Trustees and Officers have a fiduciary relationship with the members that require them to follow the corporate Charter and Bylaws.     

Major Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Set Policy – The Board establishes policies that outline how the ministry will operate to accomplish its mission. The Minister and staff function within these parameters.
  2. Hire/Support a Minister – The Board hires and supports a Minister to be the spiritual leader and to run the day-to-day operation of the ministry. 
  3. Be an Advocate – Spread the good news about things happening at Unity. Let the minister and leadership know when there are concerns.
  4. Fundraise and Financial Stewardship – monitor the finances and participate in fundraising efforts.
  5. Monitoring and Evaluating – assess on an ongoing basis whether activities of the church are in alignment with the ministry’s mission and vision.
  6. Plan for the Future – consider what you would like the ministry to look like in five, ten, or twenty years.

Board members also take turns one Sunday each month counting the Love Offering after the Sunday service.  (Note: This task is suspended while we are meeting only on-line.)

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