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Fall Classes: 2017

Practicing Inclusivity – Fall Faith Celebration 2017

Each fall at Unity of Columbia, we join together to study a book. During this time, Rev. Lauri speaks about a chapter each Sunday. The congregation has the opportunity to meet in Home Study Circles to take the material deeper. This year, we are studying the book “Practicing Inclusivity: A Workbook for Transformation” by Shariff M. Abdullah, JD.

“We all have a common need to be connected to others for our own wellbeing. However, our differences and viewpoints get in the way. ‘Inclusivity’ is a very specific term with a very precise meaning: Inclusivity is the notion that an ‘I’ is inextricably linked to a ‘you’. We are One. Virtually everyone knows about Inclusivity. The majority of people claim it as a primary value. But few actually PRACTICE it. This workbook exists to guide you on your path to creating a world that works for you and all other living beings in it.”

If this topic speaks to your heart, join us on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. You can sign up for a Home Study Circle in the lobby.  Books are for sale in the Unity bookstore for $17.


Online Courses at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute

Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) courses are for adult learners of all kinds who are seeking individual spiritual growth or a deeper understanding of Unity teachings.

Live, interactive online courses allow you to build relationships with students from around the world. Self-paced courses are also available to accommodate your busy schedule. More information for spiritual explorers can be found on the Spiritual Education and Enrichment page at Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Check out the current schedule of online classes here: Online Course Schedule

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